Manufacturing Aid Group (MGR) is a recognized cable and electro-mechanical assembly manufacturer with a global presence. They provide a full choice of engineering, materials and inventory control and program management alternatives. Their systems are highly custom and flexible to allow for each customers unique issues. They have many years of experience in providing globally quality parts for a wide selection of electronic components used in all kinds of manufacturing surroundings.

MGR performs closely with the clients to design and manufacture parts and assemble these people into the specific specifications necessary by the customer. Their devices are always created to integrate with existing systems and equipment, while maintaining total flexibility to provide the maximum possible efficiency designed for the clients end-users. It has lead them to become named among the premier EDA and ODA (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service providers in North America. Additionally they have developed close romantic relationships with other EDA and ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING (OEM) companies such as Honeywell, Aniquilar, Analog Gadgets and Industrial Oncology. With these years of experience they are in a position to provide you with tailored offerings that can fulfill the very finest standards of quality and performance. The entire manufacturing reference system is made to serve every of their clientele with full attention, which includes design, anatomist, manufacturing, materials management, logistics and testing.

In the early on 1990’s MGR was started out of a small office in California with a few employees and a prefer to provide their consumer with the greatest product and service readily available. In less than ten years they have widened to over one thousand employees and be one of the most effective growing manufacturers in the industry. They may have continually recently been looking for ways to improve their manufacturing operations and provide buyers with the the majority of technologically advanced equipment available on the market. They may have recently presented a new control platform and modular processing resources to streamline each of the process in their supply chain and also to increase output.